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Serdecznie zapraszamy na wernisaż wystawy „Apotheosis” amerykańskiego artysty profesora Johna Caputo, która odbędzie się w piątek 10.01.2020 r. o godzinie 13.00 w Galerii Wolna Przestrzeń w Instytucie Animacji i Edukacji Artystycznej Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Łodzi (ul. Franciszkańska 76/78). Ekspozycja będzie czynna do 10.02.2020 r.

"We experience life with our mind and spirit, utilizing all of our senses. This occurs in moments. From these we build ideas that form our overarching life view. Through actions and reactions, processing, accumulating, interpreting and imagining, we grow and adjust in changing ways. Once I recognized the attraction to making art, which built into a passion as my teen years were ending, I have begun to understand that these truths form the foundation of my works of art. Do not look for specific meaning in any single piece; rather it is in your openness to make connections among them, and expanding from their into any possible relation you have to your own experiences as a human being in this fascinating world of Nature and Culture, you may begin to understand my own journey of constant discovery"

John Caputo

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